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Fighting For Consumers Facing Debt And Harassment

You Are More Than A Credit Score

As Americans, we are too often defined by corporations — including credit reporting agencies and financial institutions. Three major credit reporting agencies determine your credit score, and that number can have a huge impact whether you can get a job, a loan, a place to live and even security clearance in certain occupations. Credit card debt can lead to harassing phone calls, lawsuits and other problems.

To make matters worse, credit reports are often full of inaccurate and fraudulent information, and lenders (and the debt collectors who represent them) regularly engage in debt collection practices that are illegal. If you are facing problems with harassment, credit reporting errors or lawsuits related to your debt, it is all too easy to lose hope.

The good news is: You have more power than you realize, and you don’t have to fight these battles alone.

Attorneys Fighting On Behalf Of Consumers

At Hays Cauley, P.C., our practice is dedicated to helping individuals resolve legal issues related to debt, collection harassment, credit report disputes and identity theft.

If your financial security is being harmed by inaccurate or outdated data on your credit report data, we are the firm to call. If you are being sued by a lender or debt collector, our lawyers may be able to help you challenge the validity of the debts or otherwise resolve them reasonably. If you’ve been the victim of identity theft, we will work tirelessly to ensure that your finances and your credit score are not damaged by someone else’s wrongdoing.
Are you being harassed by lenders or debt collectors? We can help you stop unwanted phone calls and text messages. We may even be able to recover compensation for you if these companies have been violating the law.

We may be a small firm, but we’re not afraid to take on some of the biggest companies in the world. As a sign of our commitment to consumers, we only represent individuals — never businesses.

Providing You Affordable Legal Services

Most legal services we offer are paid on contingency. That means you pay no money up front, and you only pay attorney fees if we are able to recover money for you.

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