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Bankruptcy Lawyers Helping You Achieve A Fresh Financial Start

At Hays Cauley, P.C., we offer you a wide variety of solutions concerning your financial woes. We understand the legal options available to you related to debt. Our attorneys will help you understand the legal options available to you regarding your debt.

Our services include providing representation in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy proceedings. Bankruptcy can in many instances help you achieve a fresh financial start and put an end to your financial worries. Through our experience and guidance, we can also help you understand whether bankruptcy is the best financial solution for you.

The Advantages Of Filing Bankruptcy

Financial debt places enormous stress upon you and your family. Indebtedness can keep you from doing the things you wish to do most, and prevent you from getting on with your life. Unfortunately, such debt can prevent you from purchasing a house or car and sending your children to the right college. It can prevent you from bargaining with creditors for more favorable loans. And unpaid bills can result in creditor harassment.

In many instances, bankruptcy can allow for you to re-establish your credit. It can help remove debt and allow for you to once again hold onto your savings. Filing for bankruptcy can also put a stop to calls from creditors and provide you with peace of mind.

What Is Chapter 7 And Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is sometimes referred to as liquidation bankruptcy. If you qualify , you may be able to discharge the majority of unsecured debts, including those involving credit cards and medical expenses. Once a bankruptcy court approves of your Chapter 7 filing, you will not have to pay any of your debt back to your creditors. Not everyone can qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, however, and it’s important to speak to an experienced lawyer to find out whether Chapter 7 bankruptcy is right for you.

Even if Chapter 7 bankruptcy is not available to you or is not suitable for your situation, Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be a viable alternative. Under a Chapter 13 bankruptcy plan, you can reorganize your debt to make it more manageable. It allows for you to submit a plan to make payments towards your debts over the course of three to five years. In many instances, such reorganization can allow for you to stay in your home and avoid foreclosure. It is important to speak with a qualified attorney as Chapter 13 bankruptcy plans require approval by the Court.

Let Us Help You

For over a decade, Hays Cauley, P.C., has been helping South Carolina families cope with their financial issues. To arrange for a free consultation and find out whether bankruptcy is right for you, contact our Florence office by calling 843-773-2782.

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