Protect Your Consumer Rights When Buying A Used Car

The purchase of a used car can be attractive when the price is right and perhaps the car you intend to buy was a favorite model of yours in the past. You may feel pressured to buy a car soon because you need it for work, your son or daughter needs it to go off to college, or you need an extra car for your business. When you add the persuasiveness of a used car salesperson to this mixture of motivators, it is obvious that you should also be cautious about protecting yourself legally and financially in case something turns out to be wrong with the car you choose.

Understanding used car warranties is an important way to protect your consumer rights when buying a pre-owned vehicle. Getting an objective evaluation of the car’s condition is also essential if you want to be aware as a buyer. Our attorneys at Hays Cauley, P.C., can review any warranties connected with a used car you are interested in buying. We can recommend trusted mechanics who are qualified to inspect the car before you buy it. And if you buy a car from a private party, we can help you draft a written guarantee or warranty and help you negotiate with the seller about signing it when you buy the car.

When Problems Develop After A Purchase

Getting legal and mechanical advice before buying a used car is a sound precaution. But what can you do if you have excessive repair bills after buying a used car? It is not too late to get legal advice that may pull you out of trouble in this case. Our lawyers will review the terms of your:

  • Implied warranty
  • Express warranty
  • Written warranty
  • Disclaimer (limiting or eliminating any warranty)
  • Extended service contract

Keep in mind that there is no lemon law in South Carolina pertaining to used cars. If you are struggling with unexpected repair costs and discovering defects, your primary legal recourse will be to get help enforcing any warranties that you have. However, you may also be protected by the South Carolina Unfair Trade Practice Act (SCUTPA) even if you do not have a valid warranty. Let us help you determine what, if any, responsibility a used car dealer or private seller has regarding a defective used vehicle that you purchased.

Request A Review Of Your Used Car’s Warranties

Our attorneys advise and assist clients with a wide variety of automobile fraud circumstances. We will gladly advise you and, if warranted, we will represent you in a damage claim against the seller of your used car.

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