Was Your Car’s Odometer Illegally Altered Without Disclosure?

According to the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles (SCDMV), “both dealers and private sellers are required to record the actual mileage on the title of a vehicle during an ownership transfer if the vehicle is less than twenty years old AND the vehicle’s date of manufacture is 2011 or newer.” (See the SCDMV’s website). As a consumer, you have every right to expect that the seller of your car complied with these requirements.

If it turns out that a car that you bought seems to have more wear and tear on it than you would expect for its age, you may have been impacted by automobile fraud in the form of an odometer violation. To discuss ways to verify the wrongdoing, consult with one of our automobile fraud lawyers at Hays Cauley, P.C. We stand up for the consumer rights of our clients in and near Florence, South Carolina. We can help you no matter where in South Carolina you bought your car.

Consumer Protection Laws Are On Your Side

Tampering with a car’s odometer is very likely a violation of law. If you believe you have been cheated through the illegal rolling back of your car’s odometer, it is time to ask an automobile fraud attorney to investigate. Our lawyers work with technical experts, as needed, to verify suspected instances of odometer fraud or any type of automobile fraud.

How Our Attorneys May Get Justice In Your Auto Fraud Case

If you can prove or make a compelling case for the likelihood that your car’s odometer was rolled back by the seller, you have a strong chance of recovering compensation as well as recompense for your legal fees.

To discuss your legal options, including the possible remedy of a lawsuit, call Hays Cauley, P.C., at 843-773-2782 or send an email inquiry.