When Your New Car Is A Lemon

For more than 100 years, Americans have used the word “lemon” to refer to something worthless. In talking about cars, since about 1960, the term “lemon” has meant that a new car is no good. South Carolina’s lemon law clarifies that for the lemon law to apply to your car, it must be new in these ways:

  • It was issued directly by the manufacturer to the car dealer where you bought or leased it.
  • No title has been issued to any other purchaser but you.
  • You have had it for 12 months or less, or driven it for less than 12,000 miles.
  • You have not abused it, altered it or failed to take care of it properly.

During the period in which the car is still new, you must have discovered problems with it that have had one or more of these effects:

  • Deprived you of the use you expected to enjoy
  • Reduced its value significantly
  • Made it unsafe

Do you suspect that your new car is a lemon? We urge you to contact an attorney as soon as possible to ensure the protection of your consumer rights. With Hays Cauley, P.C., on your side, you will not fight this battle alone.

What We Can Do For You

Our lawyers can help you meet your responsibilities while also working on documenting the manufacturer’s and/or the dealer’s failure to fulfill their obligations. We can then compel the responsible party to fix the problem through a repair, replacement or refund. We will assist you through the necessary steps to resolution:

  • Give timely notice of the problems to the dealer or manufacturer in writing
  • Give the dealer or manufacturer a chance to repair the defects
  • Go to arbitration with the manufacturer or dealer if the problems persist
  • File a lawsuit if the arbitration outcome is unsatisfactory

If we win a lawsuit on your behalf, we will help ensure that the negligent party replaces the car or refunds your purchase or lease price. In addition, they should pay court costs, reasonable attorney fees and possibly other damages. Our consumer-protection mindset has strengthened our resolve to get the results our clients deserve in lemon law cases and other types of automobile fraud.

Let Us Hear From You About Your Lemon Of A Car

Contact us to learn how we can get started now to get justice for you when your new car is a lemon. If your “new car” is actually a used car, we will address problems with the used car warranty.

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