Consumer Protection Attorneys Focusing On Automobile Fraud

If you are like most people, your car or truck is a major investment. You have every right to expect auto dealers to tell the truth about cars’ condition, honor warranties and otherwise treat customers right. If you have been harmed through fraud on the part of a dealership or a private seller of the car you recently bought, you are doing the right thing by seeking legal counsel.

At Hays Cauley, P.C., we tell clients, “You are not alone,” because we are in the practice of law to protect people’s rights. Our attorneys stand up for clients and help them pursue legal remedies when the vehicles they have purchased fail to meet acceptable standards.

Fighting For Our Clients’ Consumer Rights

Our South Carolina clients ask for our advice in cases such as the following:

  • When a dealer has been deceptive about pricing and marketing, perhaps by advertising a car at one price but then presenting it to a customer at a significantly higher price during the purchase transaction
  • When a newly purchased car has one repair problem after another, to the extent that lemon laws apply
  • When an odometer has been tampered with and a car’s engine is actually much more worn out than the odometer reading would indicate
  • When a used car has serious mechanical problems and the used car dealer does not honor the car’s warranty

In whatever way you believe a manufacturer, dealer or vendor has cheated you and left you high and dry with a defective vehicle, get an attorney’s guidance on how to pursue financial justice. A fair resolution might mean a replacement, repairs or a refund. Let our consumer law attorneys help you pursue that right result.

Get Answers After You’ve Been Taken By Fraud

It gives our lawyers great satisfaction to right wrongs such as a dealer’s refusal to honor warranties. We have the skills and determination that it takes to remedy your situation when fraud has taken its toll on you after an auto purchase.

To schedule a free consultation, call 843-773-2782 or email us. We want to hear from you about the automobile fraud case you are struggling with.